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Latest Writeups

Manually Unpacking Linux/Tsunami

In this writeup we’re going to unpack a Tsunami malware sample packed with a modified version of UPX. Hashes of this specific sample are the following:

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Building Kernel debugging images with Buildroot

Installing a new kernel image is quite simple thanks to the buildroot utility. A number of steps must be followed:

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Hitcon2017CTF - 家徒四壁~Everlasting Imaginative Void~

Everlasting Imaginative void was a Hitcon2017’s reversing challenge worthing 300 points. The challenge description was the following:

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CodeGateCTF - Angrybird

Angrybird was the first challenge that I solved on the 2017 CodeGate2017 CTF. There was no description for the challenge just a binary.

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AlexCTF - PackedMovement

PackedMovement was the last Reverse Engineering challenge on AlexCTF 2017. The puntuation of this challnege was of 350 points.

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